The World’s First Single Button, Voice-to-Note Recorder.

CRUSH is an uncomplicated device to capture thoughts instantly in an app.

Worldwide Delivery.

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Keep up with your thoughts and ideas.

While on-the-go, driving, at the desk, walking, just thinking.

For iOS, Android, Web. Patent pending.

Best Ideas in the Shower?

Capture ever brilliant a-ha moment.

Purposely Uncomplicated.

Press button, speak, see it in app.

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Our Reliable App is Made in the USA... NY by smart software and hardware engineers over 2.5 years. Smooth, fast, and solid. It just works... 

iOS, Android, Web

Familiar design. Almost no learning curve.

Excellent Build Quality.

  • Eight (8) hour recording capacity
  • 10 day battery life
  • Button lock
  • Visual indicators for battery level, WiFi connection, and recording
  • Vibration feedback

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The Vision of CRUSH

Hi, I'm Erik Kaiser, the entrepreneur and innovator behind CRUSH. With a rich background in product development and a deep-seated passion for solving real-world problems, I've dedicated my career to creating solutions that not only meet needs but improve lives. I have a proven track record.

Join Us on This Journey

Your support and belief in the vision of CRUSH is an invitation to be a part of a movement towards your smarter, more efficient day-to-day. I appreciate your support. - Erik

Real Engineering

CRUSH Evolution

We Guarantee Delivery. Get An Early Exclusive Discount.

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